Oh happy day

So you say you had a really crappy day today did ya.. im so sorry to hear it.

Did you get stuck in traffic and the music on the radio was that newfandangled shite thats so friggin’ repetetive that you wanna scoop your ears out with a spoon!

Did the car battery die on you because of all the cold weather, so you were forced to take an uber.. which really sucks cause after work you are meeting friends for drinks and you prefer to drive yourself.

Or were the queues at the fuel pumps really long.. so you were 12 minutes late for work, and now you have to buy the first round of drinks at the pub on Friday. Tardiness is unacceptable Mabel! Now you must pay up!

Or did your boss moan at you cause you were being an unproductive git.. Playing on FB at work.. again? He says he is gonna troll your posts and tell everyone about your onion breath if you dont knuckle down.

Or maybe your woolworths avocado had a brown spot, so your bacon and avo lunch sarmie idea was ruined. Had to use feta and basil instead. The sandwich gods would be most displeased!

Maybe the email just arrived saying that the bond on your dream house in the gated community wasnt approved. Those banking dicks!
Have you ever missed a payment on your 3 bed semi? No!
Those twats just take and take.. and now they are trying to ruin your dreams. You’ll go to the other 3 banks. One of them will approve you.

Or maybe that tinder match you really fancied hasnt replied yet, and youre worried that perhaps they have already found somebody better to share their sex juices with.

Perhaps your hubby forgot that it was the anniversary of the first time you ate at Primi Piatti together. That ignorant swine!

Perhaps you woke up with a touch of flu… but you really cant afford to get sick now.. just before your holiday to Sabi Sabi. Typical!
And anyway.. why the hell do you even have it. You NEVER get sick! Now youre gonna be dripping snot whilst you watch the alligators try nosh on a thirsty giraffes leg.

Did the dentist bill for your unnecessary braces arrive, and medical aid is willing to pay less than you anticipated?
But it was so worth it cause the guys at work say you look so cute with them on. Your teeth werent very skew.. but even a bit crooked is not perfect. Right.

Did you get out into the parking lot at the supermarket after buying a trolley load of unnecessary food items, because you went shopping whilst hungry, and when you got to the car you found that there is a scrape down the rear panel.
You scream and curse the car guard, all the while calculating in your head whether to pay for the repair yourself, or lose your no claim bonus if you repair it through insurance.
You give the car guard one final disgusted look as you drive away without tipping him.

Maybe you just found out that your wife was boning your best friend, and even worse.. it was happening in your own bed. Its not even the fact that she was cheating.. its just.. MY OWN BED!!!! grrrrrrr!
Now every time you lie down on the bed you think you can hear all of the orgasms she had with him that you failed to provide.

Or were the queues at the department of unemployment unbearably long… but you had to stay there otherwise the room you are renting will be given away to the landlords cousin… and youll be forced to go stay at your aunty, on her couch… with your kid.
Also you promised your kid a pack of viennas as a treat… and he looks at you like you are his god when you are able to spoil him with a vienna. So stay you must.

Did you get to the communal tap this bitterly cold morning, with your bucket for washing yourself and your kids… only to find that the water line froze and burst during the night, so the supply was cut.
The other 100 ladies mulling around with water containers tell you that the ward councillor has been informed, and he is hoping the municipality will be able to tend to the problem this week.
In the meanwhile youll need to use the tap at the neighbouring location 2 kms away.. just be sure to get there very early because the queues are very long.

Or maybe you got the diagnosis youve been awaiting from the doctor today, and the cancer in your mums abdomen has spread rapidly and there will be no chance of surgery. They are predicting a month. 2 on the outside.
She is putting on a brave face.. but your heart breaks everytime you look at her cause you know how scared she really is.

Did you lose your job today.. because the taxi you were in crashed into a bakkie. Luckily you werent too badly injured.. just the lump on your knee which is still growing.. but it caused you to have a limp… which slowed you down on the 3 kilometre walk in to work… where your madam flippantly told you that youre fired. She cant work with people like you she says.
You try to explain to her.. but she just keeps saying that you should have left home earlier.
She doesnt really realise that you have to take 2 taxis to get in to work.. and that the queue for your first link is already 50 metres long at 5am. Everyday!
You mention the ccma.. and she tells you to go for it! And why are you so ungrateful! Just last month she gave you her old microwave, and that painting of the madam sitting on her horse, that was clashing with the new couches.
And anyway..this is not your first warning.. which is true.

There was the time that the taxi’s axle fell off. Yup. The entire axle. I know it sounds like a bullshit story… but its really true.
And the time you couldnt come in for an entire day cause the madam was running late from work the afternoon before.. says she got held up at work, but you can smell the booze on her breath.. so you only got to your first taxi to get home at 6pm.. which means that you got to your second one too late to take a direct ride home.
You managed to get a taxi which goes close to your area, and you’d walk the rest of the way along the highway.
But it never happened like that. The beating you got from the 2 guys who pulled you into a bush, just before they raped you, was so severe that the cracked ribs are preventing you from breathing properly.

The stress of possibly losing your job because youll miss a day of work, which feeds your 2 kids, and your uncles family too since he passed away in a taxi crash, is weighing so heavily on you that the tears rolling down your bruised cheeks are not even from the hurt, anger and frustration caused by the trauma of a multiple rape.
Hopefully youd feel a bit better later on so you can get to the neighbours to ask for a small loan for taxi fare to get to work tomorrow.
Hopefully the madam isnt too angry cause you never made it in today, and couldnt call cause your phone was taken by the same guys who took your dignity.
You decide its easier to tell her a story about how your husband beat you.. cause that one she seemed a bit understanding of the last time this same thing happened. The madam likes to preach about how men and alcohol dont mix. Her ex husband was like that too. Bastard!

Or maybe your wife was in a car accident on her way to work this morning, and they have just declared her brain dead.
They would like you to give the ok to pull the plug, as there really is no point.. better to end the suffering now.
Her family will understand because its the right thing to do.. or so the doc tells you.
You are wondering how the hell you are gonna be able to tell the kids that the mother they love so dearly, went to heaven today.. and you sent her there.

Or your only brother just got released from the hospital after the botched operation to repair a crushed spinal disc. Its such a pity he had the op.
I know the pain was unbearable, and getting around with the walker was a real chore… but coming out of the hospital totally paralysed from the waist down is a lot worse.. and the secondary lung infection from the government hospital is causing him to have massive coughing fits that go on for hours.
Now youre gonna have to help clean him up everyday.. and he is not a small man.
Your wife, who was already pressurizing you, even before he had this terrible hacking cough, to get him to move to the government run frail care facility.. is gonna be even more persistent now. But youre really trying to avoid it, cause you saw the hellish conditions, and even the physical abuse that your father went through while he was there before he passed on… mainly from neglect.

Or maybe your teenaged daughter committed suicide last night, but her body will remain undiscovered till you get home later on. You dont like to disturb her too early in the morning cause she is a bit grouchy sometimes.
It would have been nice to apologise to her for the silly argument you had with her last night.
If only you could get her to understand that you just want the best for her. And why is she always trying to attract attention by posting those raunchy pics on fb. How will she find a decent boyfriend that way? A nice guy would make her happy.. and lord knows its been a long while since youve seen that beautiful smile of hers

There are real problems.. and there are perceived problems. Real problems are very real, but perceived problems also seem real at the time. Try to distinguish the difference between the two so that youll have a better perspective.¬†Im sorry you had a shitty day… but try not to let it affect everybody around you… ’cause you know that it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

2 thoughts on “Oh happy day

  1. I really love today’s blog. What makes for a bad day is clearly decided by the amount of money you have and the type of (shallow) existence you lead. Those for whom a broken nail is “a disaster” have no concept of what it means to have nothing. You have cleverly crossed the gulf between those concerned with the minutiae of life and those who really suffer. Today I am having a ‘bad day’ in that I am meeting up with two close friends, sisters, one of whom is suffering with terminal liver cancer, the other with breast cancer. While I am grateful it is not me, I know what is important in life.

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