Waste not… want not.

Day 3 of the sail to Madagascar, and ive just come on shift at 6am. Im a bit sad that i missed the sunrise cause its a stunning day. There is a mild north easterly blowing, which doesnt really help us at all as its directly on the nose, so we have both motors running and all sails are down.

The Indian ocean is flat as far as the eye can see… and yet again, ours is the only vessel on the water. This can make the trip seem a bit uneventful, and cause a 6 hour shift to feel like a 12 hour one as there are no tankers or cargoes to play slalom with.

There are a fair amount of cirrus and altocumulus clouds.. so im sure it was a stunning sunset that i missed.
I would usually go out and snap some pics, but today i decided to take my first basin bath of the trip.

The boat we are on does not have a watermaker on board. A lot of yachts do have them, and for a trip like the one we are on, they are a massive help. A watermaker is basically an ultrafine filtering system, that takes sea water, and forces it through a very fine mesh. Only the water comes through the other side..
and the salt has been removed.
With the Cape town drought situation getting progressively worse.. they may soon require a massive version of one of these.
We however do not have one, so our water comes from a 300 litre water tank on the boat. Sounds like a lot of water right… but it really isnt. If you consider that an average bath will use 100 litres, and an 8 minute shower at home will use 20 litres.

So we are tasked with using as little water as possible… and its surprisingly easy to do.
We half fill a small sink.. around a litre and a half.. drizzle some shower gel into it.. then use a sponge to wash all your bits.. and body, then use a shower head hose pipe job to rinse the soapy water off again.
Maybe us land lubbers should try be a bit more miserly at home with tgis precious commodity.

Even though i managed to miss out on what im sure was a decent sunrise.. i was feeling pretty damn good thank you very much!
Amazing how rejuvenated you feel when you have a clean set of clangers. And mine were sparkling!

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