Day 5 begins at 6am for me as i come on shift to discover, to my great joy, that the wind has died down, although its still blowing from the North west… which is exactly the direction we are trying to go.
The wind light enough now that we are able to furl in all the wind catchers, and motor directly into it.
Unlike yesterday when even going at an angle to the wind was causing the boat to slam like mad making the ride very uncomfortable. Not to mention the spray which kept flying up and over the boat.. right to where you are sitting in the unprotected wheelhouse.

The slamming of the bridge deck between the 2 hulls went on all day yesterday. Constant and relentless. Its enough to jangle your last nerve i swear. Its amazing we both managed to keep in good spirits yesterday.

This morning is full of hope though. We have our clearest sky yet, which i have just seen the sun rise into from its fiery launch off of the horizon.
The sea state is nice and flat with some very small rollers that are going SE.. presumably to throw themselves onto one of Australias grand beaches.

I just went past a solitary sea bird that is just bobbing about on the water like a childs bath toy. He would have been bobbing all night and will catch a few rays to warm up before flexing his flying muscles and going to work. I asked him how the fishing was.. but he just gave me a blank stare and bobbed along. Not very chatty these sea birds. Too much solitude can wreak havoc on ones social skills.

Ill start the morning with an exercise routine.
Exercise you say? On a boat you say?
You betcha britches yes!
Just a few days after this trip i am due to cycle a 100km race up in Johannesburg, and obviously i havent trained.. as per usual when i do these stupid challenges.

And now im on a boat.. and cycling around this thing is clearly not an option.
So i have a series of calisthenic exercises i have put together to help progress my muscles towards an endurance event. Space is always difficult on a boat.. but its quite easy to put an all body strength routine together using various parts of the boat as props. Ill devote an entire blog to that one day as variations on the exercises can be applied and used almost anywhere.

Thatll work up an appetite.. After that i think its time for breakfast. Maybe ill trot on down to the garage and get a pie. Oh shirt! Hang on! Weird how im craving a nasty garage pie.. and im not even drunk after a night on the town.

Its a few hours later in the day now.. and although im still enjoying the beautiful day… one of the downsides to all this good weather is starting to make itself apparent.
After 5 days of sailing i now have a badly burnt beak. .
The sun has been slowly roasting my snotbox.. and i never noticed until now. I reached immediately for the Kagilia.. yeah.. ive never heard of it either.
Its the extract from a sausage tree.. a sausage what? Yep… i did say tree. This putrid smelling stuff was given to me just before my departure by some friends of mine who hail from Botswana.
Apparently this sausage tree extract is good for treating minor wounds.. sunburn.. that sort of thing, according to the bushmen.So im gathering its not great for wrinkles… or drinking.
Anyhow.. im now trying it on my beak to see if it can unroast it a bit.
Which is the last place id really want to put it… due to the very pungent aroma it exudes with much vigour.
If i were to describe the smell.. sort of a mix of soy sauce.. and cat vomit.

My snotter really shouldnt have managed to get itself burnt. Just before i left.. i bought myself the first bottle of sunscreen ive ever owned in my life.
Im allergic to getting my paws greasy, so ive never been able to put the stuff on to myself.. which means ive also missed out on the opportunity of putting it onto birds who have asked me to.. but ive always had to politely decline, cause i blanche at just the idea of getting my hands oily.
To this day my friends still tease me about the pack of plastic gloves i kept around the house for eating chicken.
Chicken is best enjoyed with your hands. Eating a drummie with a knife and fork just looks bent… but thats how i roll if i aint got no chicken gloves.

Writing this post just gave me an idea though. Im now using my factor 30 lip balm stick on my nose. I dont have to touch it to put it on.. and its easy to fit in my pocket.
Look at that! A life hack for looking after yer beak whilst sailing across the mozambique channel.

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