Once i caught a fish alive

I must have had a lil luck on my side today. One of the fishing reels started spinning like mad, so obviously some fish had bitten our very camp looking, luminous pink green and yellow squid.
We were under sail though so no chance of slowing down the big catamaran. We were sailing pretty fast, so i thought id lose my lunch partner for sure due to the excessive drag caused by the submerged water skier on the other end of the line.. like we had done with the last 2.. but after a bit of a wrastle… i managed to reel him to the boat and rescue him from the oceans clutches. Lucky fish!

Not such a lucky fish actually. Of all the gaudy squid in the ocean.. he chose to chomp on my one, which meant that sadly he was destined for my, up to now, lonely pan.
I apologised to him, put him swiftly out of his misery, and then posed with his corpse for a pic. Humans really are a messed up bunch. I took solace in the fact that he would at least not wind up on a Chinese longliner, and then stuffed unceremoniously into a claustrophobic can.

I thanked him for choosing me as i fried his spine gently in butter with a touch of olive oil, which helps prevent the butter from burning, and then plated, with the remains of the butter drizzled over with a heap of cracked black pepper and salt.
The fillets were safely stashed in the freezer for later meals. All the rest went back into the ocean where it had just come from.. a treat for the crabs and other fish, who wouldnt have to endure eating another bread corner from my sandwich today.

I really dont like seeing these majestic creatures dirtying my plates. Sometimes when a fish is on the line i hope it will get away… but not enough that i actually want it to. Im definitely slightly conflicted about the entire process.
Seeing a fish caught and its subsequent fight for its survival actually turned one of my sisters into a full time vegetabletarian.. and i cant really say i blame her. I think its a noble way to live… its just maybe that i have a few less scruples than her.


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