Welcome to my blag

Ive read some of the rules one is supposed to apply to a blog to help ensure it can become successful in all the ways that a blog is supposed to be able to achieve greatness, and i can safely say that im preeetty certain ill manage to break all of them almost straight away, and keep smashing them right the way through the life of this thing.

One of the main rules that nearly every blogging guru insists is almost the golden rule of blogging.. is to keep your blog focussed as much as is possible, on something specific.
Perhaps a specific task that you are good at or a hobby that you are knowledgeable about for example.

I thought about this long and hard.. for around 4 and a half seconds.. before i pooh poohed the notion as being far too limiting for me.
I dont think im renaissance man or anything, but i just have far too many passions for this to be an option.
i think its good to know a bit about several things, hopefuuly even a lot about some of these same things, and its even better if you can get yourself out into the wide world to attempt to apply and test the veracity of aforementioned knowledge out in the proverbial field.

What interests me this week may be entirely different to what interests me next week.
There are many things in my life that are pretty mainstay, and im working on them almost 24 hrs a day in my mind, but my daily life is in such a constant state of flux that there is absolutely no ways that i can be held hostage to one particular subject.

Everything, and i do mean everything.. holds some interest for me, but luckily for my sanity, im not interested in everything all at the same time.
My focus on many of these things waxes and wanes in cycles which are wholly unpredictable.
This week i could be obsessed with boats, the next week i may not even know what a boat is supposed to do.
Even this blog will suffer the same fate at times.
Although writing is a constant companion of mine, it may also have periods of reduced activity, or even abstention.

So im not going to say that this is a daily, weekly or even monthly blog.
Some days i may choose to post 20 times in a single day, sometimes not a one for a few days, or even a few weeks, though i doubt that will ever be the case.
There are not many periods in my life where i go a few weeks without something interesting happening to me, and as they do i need to diarize the experience because im so inured to the crazy goings on in my life that i can forget even the most insane and bizzarre stuff.

Im pretty certain that this blog is gonna be a total and utter mishmash of thoughts and ideas, adventures and experiences, that may at first glance, not appear to have any pattern or flow whatsoever.
And that will probably be the consensus after the second and third glance as well.
The plan down the line is to start separating the different subjects into subsections as i go along and the blog starts to evolve… and evolve it will.

I am starting out with absolutely no clue of what a blog is supposed to be, having never perused even one of them before, but if im good at breaking the rules, im even better at making my own as i go along.

This blog for me will be part therapy.. part diary.. and part writing practice, so the style and flow of the articles is anticipated to change a lot in the coming months and years.. hopefully morphing like a fat squishy grub, into a radiant butterfly, rather than devolving like a pigs corpse rotting in a field.
Naturally i am hoping that my writing just improves all the way along as well, but there really is no guarantee of that either.

I hope that you, the dear reader will come along on my various sojourns as i explore, not only the world around me, lands far afield, habitats under the water.. my attempts to conquer the racetrack.. and the air, but also as i seek to understand my options for the future, and also untangle the spaghetti pile that is my complicated past.

If you enjoy this blog, please feel free to disseminate it far and wide. Tell your friends.. tell your colleagues.. tell your cat and your dog too. Share it like Jesus did way back when with all those fish and breads…
And hopefully, after a few months, ill have more of an audience than just my crazy old mother to write for.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my blag

  1. Yay Sean I’m so excited you finally started your blog.. or blag as you call it. All the best and I know it will be successful even if and when you break the rules. So exciting


  2. You stared pretty well. Can’t wait to see the rest. I wish you all the best, and know that you can do this. Good-luck Sean, you don’t really need it.


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